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Inspiring Youth

Inspiring Youth Program

Inspiring Youth is a community-based program in which youth workers provide comprehensive and culturally responsive one-on-one mentorship and support, access to resources, and connections to positive activities and leadership opportunities for youth ages 10-17. Additional support is provided as needed. 


What we offer:

One-to-one mentorship and ways to strengthen cultural and community connections; help with basic needs; planning out short and long term goals; legal support, including access to a range of other relevant services and resources that are meaningful for youth.

How we do it:

Trained youth and family workers from Tubman begin the journey by setting up a meeting at a location that works best for you and/or your child (school, place of residence, library, recreation center, coffee shop, virtually, etc.). They’ll work together with you and your child to design and explore interests, identify strengths and develop strategies to overcome any challenges.

From there, youth and family workers will meet regularly with your child – at least once per week either virtually or at a convenient location. They’ll help your child realize their strengths and meet their full potential. A few examples of this program in action are: getting them involved with recreational activities, career pathways or jobs, money management, leadership groups, strengthening relationships and/or improving school involvement, providing healthy outlets, as well as funds to cover enrollment fees for things like driver’s education, camps, tutoring assistance, in addition to many other service options.

By tapping into the passions and strengths of your child and connecting them to positive aspects of their communities, youth and family workers help young people take steps to realize their dreams.

What do we ask for?

The choice to participate is up to you and your child. This opportunity is provided at no cost and you can end at any time. We simply ask that your child engage regularly and meaningfully with their youth worker and that you support your child’s engagement in this opportunity as much as possible.

Currently, this program is available to Ramsey County and City of Minneapolis residents. Please refer to other Tubman programs if outside of these services areas.

We hope you’ll join us- we’re looking forward to working with you all!


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If you have additional questions about this program, please call (612) 825-3333 and ask to be connected with Tamara Stark or e-mail