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Protective Orders

Protective Orders

Tubman legal advocates can write and file Orders for Protection and can provide support at Order for Protection hearings in suburban Ramsey, Washington, and Hennepin counties. Legal advocates are not attorneys and cannot provide legal representation.

Resources are also available to assist with remote court hearings.

Orders for Protection (OFP)

An Order for Protection is a court order signed by a judicial officer (judge or referee) that may help protect you from domestic abuse.  An OFP can order the abusive party not to contact you, harm or threaten to harm you, as well as provide other relief depending on your situation.

The OFP Process: A legal advocate can help the client (petitioner) draft the OFP paperwork either in person or remotely and assist in getting it filed with the court. The paperwork will then be reviewed by a judicial officer, who may issue an emergency (ex parte) Order for Protection. This order is then served on the abusive party (respondent), and a hearing may be held if the respondent requests one or if the petitioner is requesting additional provisions that require a hearing be scheduled.

The criteria for an Order for Protection includes two main components:

1. The petitioner and respondent are family or household members, including

  • Spouses
  • Former spouses
  • Intimate partners
  • Parties who have a child or unborn child in common
  • Persons who live together or used to live together
  • or any blood relative


2. Domestic abuse has occurred. By law, domestic abuse is defined as physical harm, fear of imminent physical harm, terroristic threats, sexual assault, or interference with an emergency call.

For assistance with filing an Order for Protection, you can click on the link below and submit a request to the Tubman Legal Program. 
You can also call (612) 870-2400.

For more information on Protective Orders, including court forms, instructions, and a link to the Guide and File e-filing process, click the link below:
Minnesota Judicial Branch - Minnesota Judicial Branch (

Safety Project

This service provides quality pro bono (free) legal representation to low-income victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking who are seeking Orders for Protection in Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington Counties. Tubman partners with volunteer attorneys in representing clients in these cases.

NOTE: All referrals for this program must come from an advocate with a participating community advocacy agency and services are dependent on staff and volunteer capacity.