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Pieces of Peace Support Group

Pieces of Peace Support Group

Pieces of Peace is an ongoing, drop-in support group for people who are experiencing or have experienced relationship abuse, including emotional, verbal, physical, sexual or financial abuse. Participants at all stages of healing are welcome. 

The group meets from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays.


Pieces of Peace meets virtually and uses Zoom as the platform for meeting online. To join, use the registration form below and the link will be emailed to you before the group meeting. 

Technology safety planning 

If someone is monitoring your technology use, it is important to develop a safety plan for participating in Pieces of Peace. First and foremost, trust your instincts and be vigilant about someone who may be accessing your online accounts, tracking your location, or gathering information about you online. 

The safest thing you can do for using online support groups is use someone else's device. Think about a family member or friend whose computer, phone, or tablet is available.

If you are unable to use someone else's device, there are precautions you can take to join Pieces of Peace discreetly and safely. Because the link to the meeting is emailed to you before the group meeting, it may be helpful to create a new separate email account for this correspondence. 

The Zoom platform used by Pieces of Peace is protected by password (which you also will receive in an email) to foster a private and safe space. In order to use Zoom, you will need to download the app on your smartphone, computer, tablet. It may be helpful to have a backup story prepared in case you are asked why you are using Zoom, such as that you are using it to talk to friends or for work. Additionally, it may be helpful to have your internet browser open to a neutral website, like the weather or the news. Be ready to change windows if necessary during Pieces of Peace. 

If it feels safer, Zoom provides the option to dial into the group over your phone instead of using video conferencing. 

Remember to periodically delete your browser history and cookies. More information on how to do this can be found here. 

Tubman is here for you to safety plan 24/7. If you would like further assistance in developing a safety plan, call our 24-hour resource and crisis line at (612) 825-0000.