The latest in our youth violence prevention movement:

One of our Tubman Youth Leaders shares his goals and accomplishments during this unique summer.

We chatted with some teens in the community all about friendships, support, and advice.

We're back with another round of Student Opinions, this time taking a look into how COVID-19 has been affected our student contributors.

We have asked some local community youth for their opinions about what’s important to them in friendships and relationships!

Our summer intern, Iqra, explains ghosting and offers ideas about dealing with it.

One of our youth content contributors shares about her experience volunteering, and what’s important to her in the community organizations she supports.

Thinking of starting a peace protest or demonstration in your area? Curious to know what steps to take? A former MVP student organized her own protest and will be sharing her tips and what she learned from the event.

Friday, June 19, 2020 marks Juneteenth, an important holiday in the Black History. Read more to learn about the history of Juneteenth, what celebrations will look like this year in light of COVID-19, and how to support the Black community.

Maddy and a friend organized a peaceful protest in Woodbury to support Black Lives Matter. One of our educators interviewed Maddy about her experience and her advice for other youth.

An MVP graduate who has advocated for anti-violence practices in our communities shares her advice about how to take action to make positive change in your community.

Two of our student contributors, Sophia and Kate, share their thoughts about supporting friends in challenging situations.

Two of our student contributors, Sophia and Kate, help us answer some common questions from youth and young adults in the community about relationship challenges.

Two of our student contributors, Sophia and Kate, help us answer some common questions about friendships that we get from youth and young adults in the community.

Classes participated in Tubman's Voice in Prevention curriculum have brought up the topic of gaslighting throughout the year. Here is a little more information about gaslighting and how it affects relationships.

Chanhassen High School student Kate McKinney shares their perspective on the current coronavirus pandemic and what it means for productivity during a time of distance learning and more time to oneself.

Many people struggle at times with feeling comfortable with who they are. In these times, it can be hard not to compare ourselves to others or change who we are to fit in. But the most important thing to remember is to be yourself.

Many of us have noticed that our lives look a little different now. While these changes can cause stress, it can also cause us to feel pressure to achieve something during this time, or things that we normally would not think about.

Change of any kind can lead to stress in life. Especially in this rapidly changing time, learning how to manage and cope with change can help reduce this stress and enjoy the changes around us.

How can we still have meaningful connections with each other while maintaining social distancing for the greater good?

Poster and video contest reminder

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here and are happy that you’re a part of leading positive changes in your community to help violence. We’ve been active in partnerships with the schools since 1991 and rely on people like you to help keep positive changes going!