BIPOC Mental Health Month

The term “BIPOC” stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. In recent years, its usage has become more common. Conversely, similar terms such as “minority” and “POC” (for People of Color) have become less common due to the negative or unsuitable connotations placed on them. Rather than emphasize the societal power dynamic between white and non-white people as “minority” does, or disregard the particular struggles that black and indigenous people have endured that differ from other non-whites as “POC” does, “BIPOC” is ideal because it specifically centers around the experiences of black and indigenous people.

BIPOC communities face particularly acute struggles in regards to mental health. To bring light to this issue, American writer Bebe Moore Campbell initiated BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month, and that is July.

Mental Health resources for BIPOC individuals: