Dealing with Boredom

Are you having a hard time dealing with boredom? Maybe you're bored with your life maybe you just get bored from time to time. Either way, let's figure out which type of boredom you dealing with first and then let figure out how to deal with it.


Indifferent Boredom

This is when you’re bored but don't feel the need to get rid of it. You might feel happy with the boredom because you’re using it to relax. If you are ‘happy bored’ and looking for a little excitement, try a new thing!


Apathetic Boredom

Apathy is a lack of interest in the things. You can feel a helplessness and it has the potential to contribute to depression. You may feel like you don’t have the energy to do anything about it. If you feel like you may be experiencing this try to get help from a mental help professional. If you can’t reach out for help, try your best to help yourself – you can think about what you really want to do, talk to someone you trust, change something in your routine, or go out of your way to interact with people.


Reactant Boredom

This is when your boredom makes you feel tense and you feel like you want to escape. You do not happy with the calm, and you are restless and constantly looking for new ways to get adrenalin kicking and exited. This doesn’t feel good, but can inspire you to make changes and try new things.


Questioning Boredom

Calibrating boredom is the unpleasant feeling of wanting to do something different, but not knowing what. If something appealing comes up, then you will likely have the drive to pursue it. The difficulty lies in thinking of solutions and figuring out what kind of change is needed. The trick is to notice this kind of boredom and use it as a motivator instead of just feeling upset or angry about it.


Finding ways to reframe boredom will allow you to use it as a helpful tool, rather than turning it into a negative experience. Below are some ideas to try out when you’re bored to help stimulate and inspire you. You can use these ideas to kick start some new habits or find something that captures your interest.


  • Find a new hobby you’re interested in – use TikTok or other social media for ideas

  • Try to plan upcoming stuff with your family like a fun field trip or field day

  • Read a genre of book you used to enjoy when you were younger – this can help remind you what you find fun an interesting

  • Help out and clean the house with your family – sometimes tidying up can help you focus on making order to things that feel chaotic, or inspire you to make other plans

  • Try things you never tried before like skating, going to a museum, planning a dream road trip, or going to a concert.

  • Re-watch your favorite shows to remind yourself about what you like

  • Try planning picnics or bonfires

  • Get out your comfort zone by tagging along with a friend who is doing something you have never tried

  • Redecorate your room

  • Learn how to bake or cook something