Our Definitions

MyDefinition is here for YOU! Below are some common terms we get asked about, and here are Our Definitions:

Coercion - Attempting to persuade someone to do something they originally didn't want to or that isn't in line with their values.

Consent - A mutual agreement about boundaries, values, and experiences that respects and supports everyone involved. Consent requires regular communication. 

Equity - Fairness and justice with recognition that we do not all start from the same place. This requires continued acknowledgement and adjustments to account for systemic and individual imbalances.

Gaslighting - Manipulating someone into questioning what they know.

Love Bombing - Manipulating someone's feelings by using affection, flattery, over-the-top compliments, or gifts.

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Your Definitions

Below are some student-created ideas about what makes a healthy relationship. We call these "Relationship Bill of Rights."

More of Your Definitions

We asked students what other terms and definitions they would like to include. Here is their list:

Honeymoon Phase - Early on in a relationship where a couple is carefree and happy.

Loyalty - Having respect for someone, and never doing anything that may hurt that person.

Manipulation - When someone blames you for their disrespectful actions, or uses your emotions to trick or confuse you.

Mansplaining - When a man tries to explain something very obvious to a woman because he automatically assumes he's smarter/more educated/more knowledgeable, or wants to feel important.

Respect - Using communication with your partner to show them love.

Talking Stage - The opportunity to get to know someone before committing to a relationship with them.

Victim Mentality - When someone ALWAYS views themselves as a victim and doesn't take responsibility for their own actions.