Is it illegal to lie to police?

Yes. It is against the law to give a false name, birth date, or identification to the police.

What can happen if I get caught giving false information to police?

  • Youth can be given a citation or petition to go to juvenile court.
  • Giving false information to police can be added to other offenses or charged on its own.
  • Giving a fake name, a false date of birth, or a fake ID to the police is a misdemeanor. This means you can be punished by up to 90 days in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine.
  • Giving the police a name of a real person, other than your own, is a gross misdemeanor. This means you could be punished by up to 1 year in jail and or up to a $3,000 fine.


Disclaimer: This document is intended to be informational. It is not legal advice concerning your specific situation. Please see a lawyer if you need advice about a specific situation.