Celebrating Women's History Month

March is a special month, not just because it marks the beginning of Midwesterners dreaming of spring, but because it is Women’s History Month! This month we should all take the time to honor all of the woman-identifying people who have come before us and forged progress into where we are today, despite all the odds.

This March we honor the intersectional work of women who have changed their communities and the world through their art, music, activism, and irreplaceable, invaluable presences. What can you do to honor the women in your life, and honor yourself if you identify as one? How can you feel inspiration from the women who have come before you and walk alongside you to do better for yourself, and prioritize your needs and hopes? Your history is your present and it’s your future so let this March be the time that you let yourself learn from it, embrace it, and carry it with you into your limitless future!