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Melissa's Connections Group

Melissa’s Connections Group is a free, drop-in support group for women experiencing chemical and mental health issues or concerns. No fee is required. This groups meets virtually via Zoom, Fridays noon-1 p.m. To receive the Zoom link, use the registration form below, or call Tubman's Intake Department at 612.870.2426 for any questions.

This group is for women who:

  • Are waiting to begin individual or group counseling.
  • Need extra support during a difficult period.
  • Are seeking counseling that does not require insurance.
  • Are looking for access to additional community resources.
Melissa's Connections Registration
First Name
Last Name
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Postal Code
Phone Number
ext Extension
If Tubman needs to call you, is it safe to leave a message?
Is it safe for Tubman to email you a link to the group meeting?
I understand that all information shared within this support group is confidential, and I agree to keep that confidentiality for all participants.
Please check box to indicate your agreement.

The following demographic questions are for Tubman's data collection purposes. This section is optional and all answers are confidential.

Do you identify as a person with a disability?
Are you an:
Have you ever experienced domestic violence (emotional, verbal, or physical violence)?